Welcome to Classic Rock Coffee

Perfect coffee moments & welcoming atmosphere

The birth of the Classic Rock Coffee Company can be traced back to 2011 when the first Coffee shop opened its doors to its guests on a historical September day in  Springfield, MO USA.

Characterized by a very unique Rock n’ Roll atmosphere, Classic Rock Coffee is a new, unique interpretation of the ever-popular traditional coffee house that offers delicious coffees as well as gourmet food dishes.

The History

The “Classic Rock Coffee & Kitchen” Mandan concept is represented by a high-end sophisticated shop appearance that displays a story of the history of classic rock and origins of the worlds most popular music culture


Exceptional high quality coffee, specialty drinks and hand crafted food is the commitment to every guest.


The main approach of the shop design is to communicate two concepts to the customer. The classic rock culture and exceptional high quality drinks.

Our Team

High-quality food and drinks in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.